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Confectionary chocolate... By Alexia Santini

“Of all passions, the only truly respectable one to me seems to be gastronomy. “    Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893)

One single word, pleasure.
The odour of cacao, the taste of fruit, crunchy almonds, the texture of nougat and other raw materials perfected by my father, the pleasure of harvesting these local aromatic plants, this is the daily reality of my love of gastronomy.

For you, I have created and designed these chocolate confections with great care to preserve a maximum of taste, thanks to 'old' techniques which I learned while working alongside some of the biggest names in French chocolate making.

As they do not contain preservatives, our chocolates must be kept at 18°C  in a dry area away from light and must be eaten within a month of their purchase.
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